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April 20 2014

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Is Marijuana Harmful to Health? - Healthcare Triage

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This is what people see as they commute to work in Philly. 

Hollaback Philly is absolutely doing it right
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April 19 2014

I can't remember where I heard this, but someone once said that defending a position by citing free speech is sort of the ultimate concession; you're saying that the most compelling thing you can say for your position is that it's not literally illegal to express.
— XKCD #1357 (title text)
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Jamie needed coffee to watch the purple wedding (and his hand regrew)

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Gender power dynamics in sexual and reproductive health

A qualitative study in Chiredzi District, Zimbabwe by Jeremiah Chikovore

This thesis presents perspectives of men regarding abortion,
contraceptive use and sexuality. Contrary to what we had expected,
men expressed anxiety over abortion and contraceptive use, not
because the issues concerned women’s health, but rather because
men associated them with extramarital sexual activity they thought
women were concealing. To understand the meanings of sexuality
and factors shaping these meanings appeared to be a necessary step
in promoting women’s health. We thus included in the study
participants with different characteristics including men, women
and adolescents, and used a variety of qualitative methods to
explore in-depth these issues.

Men’s anxiety over wives’ sexuality seemed to be exacerbated by
their separation from the family through labour migration, and
their inability to play the expected role of the family breadwinner.
The men described using different strategies to ensure their wives
did not use contraceptives. Men’s perspectives and the related
dynamics seem therefore to be a manifestation of contradictory
experiences of gender power within contexts of spousal separation.

The thesis also illuminates the paradoxical situation of adolescents
and adolescent sexual and reproductive health. As guardians, the
men described how they are intolerant to premarital sex and
pregnancy, which might threaten the expected bride wealth from
the marriage of a daughter or sister. They therefore respond with
violence. Ironically, information or service which would enable
unmarried girls to prevent pregnancy is also denied. This is so in
spite of the great concern by families over premarital pregnancy,
and common knowledge that young girls are sexually abused by
adult men. The men and boys described the pressure they exert on
the girls for sex, but also how they then blame the girls for
deliberately becoming pregnant in order to trap them into marriage.
The boys are nevertheless anxious about pregnancy also for fear of
family violence and the threat of being forced to terminate
schooling. The girls expressed feeling trapped between the violence
from guardians and partners, a situation which may lead to unsafe

The silence, denial and violence imply the young people generally
cannot discuss sexual abuse or abortion with parents, or seek health
care when needed. Rather, sexually transmitted infections may be
endured or even self-treated, and abortion sought in silence.

Preventive actions such as condom use are similarly difficult for the
youth. The knowledge the youth may have about AIDS may also
simply become a burden when room for applying it is limited.
This thesis challenges public health promotion approaches that
assume firstly a universal manifestation of gender power, and
secondly ability of individuals to effect behaviour change once
provided with information regardless of contextual factors. Whether
in AIDS education or involvement of men in sexual and
reproductive health, understanding social contexts and dynamics,
and identities and experiences within these contexts is crucial.
Everything in the world is about sex except sex. Sex is about power.
— Oscar Wilde
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Jurassic Park
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shirt on a sock life hack
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April 17 2014

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spelling test...
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Educate yourself
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Hans Henning Holm pimped the only bus stop in the village appropriately. 
(Barenfleth , SH, DE)
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