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July 31 2015

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When I'm already in bed and someone message me
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July 30 2015

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Katze am Strand, Tioman Island, Malaysia

An engineer spent 3 years building the ultimate high-tech man cave

var imagebase='file://D:/Program Files (x86)/FeedReader/'; An engineer spent 3 years building the ultimate high-tech man cave 11:14 27.07.2015, Maxx, amazing, World Of Technology Jono Williams, a plastics engineer and graphic designer based on the north island of New Zealand, has built the ultimate man cave.
Dubbed the "Skysphere," his getaway is a stunning steel tower surrounded on all sides by glass.

The Skysphere makes an ultra-futuristic statement in a field ringed by trees. The tower's lighting and security system can be controlled using an app Williams built for Android.

"I tried to keep every aspect of the design original," Williams told Business Insider in an email. "I do live near a wind turbine farm, so maybe I got some inspiration from those?"

Williams shared some photos from the tower construction with Business Insider.

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Q. What are banks for? 

A. To make money. 

Q. For the customers? 

A. For the banks. 

Q. Why doesn't bank advertising mention this? 

A. It would not be in good taste. But it is mentioned by 
implication in references to reserves of $249,000,000 or 
thereabouts. That is the money that they have made. 

Q. Out of the customers? 

A. I suppose so. 

Q. They also mention Assets of $500,000,000 or thereabouts.
Have they made that too? 

A. Not exactly. That is the money they use to make money. 

Q. I see. And they keep it in a safe somewhere? 

A. Not at all. They lend it to customers. 

Q. Then they haven't got it? 

A. No. 

Q. Then how is it Assets? 

A. They maintain that it would be if they got it back. 

Q. But they must have some money in a safe somewhere? 

A. Yes, usually $500,000,000 or thereabouts. This is called

Q. But if they've got it, how can they be liable for it? 

A. Because it isn't theirs. 

Q. Then why do they have it? 

A. It has been lent to them by customers. 

Q. You mean customers lend banks money? 

A. In effect. They put money into their accounts, so it is 
really lent to the banks. 

Q. And what do the banks do with it? 

A. Lend it to other customers. 

Q. But you said that money they lent to other people was 

A. Yes. 

Q. Then Assets and Liabilities must be the same thing? 

A. You can't really say that. 

Q. But you've just said it. If I put $100 into my account 
the bank is liable to have to pay it back, so it's 
Liabilities. But they go and lend it to someone else, and 
he is liable to have to pay it back, so it's Assets. It's 
the same $100, isn't it? 

A. Yes. But... 

Q. Then it cancels out. It means, doesn't it, that banks 
haven't really any money at all? 

A. Theoretically.... 

Q. Never mind theoretically. And if they haven't any money,
where do they get their Reserves of $249,000,000 or

A. I told you. That is the money they have made. 

Q. How? 

A. Well, when they lend your $100 to someone they charge
him interest. 

Q. How much? 

A. It depends on the Bank Rate. Say five and a-half per 
cent. That's their profit. 

Q. Why isn't it my profit? Isn't it my money? 

A. It's the theory of banking practice that... 

Q. When I lend them my $100 why don't I charge them 

A. You do. 

Q. You don't say. How much? 

A. It depends on the Bank Rate. Say half a per cent. 

Q. Grasping of me, rather? 

A. But that's only if you're not going to draw the money 
out again. 

Q. But of course, I'm going to draw it out again. If I 
hadn't wanted to draw it out again I could have buried it 
in the garden, couldn't I? 
A. They wouldn't like you to draw it out again. 

Q. Why not? If I keep it there you say it's a Liability. 
Wouldn't they be glad if I reduced their Liabilities by 
removing it? 

A. No. Because if you remove it they can't lend it to 
anyone else. 

Q. But if I wanted to remove it they'd have to let me? 

A. Certainly. 

Q. But suppose they've already lent it to another customer? 

A. Then they'll let you have someone else's money. 

Q. But suppose he wants his too ... and they've let me 
have it? 

A. You're being purposely obtuse. 

Q. I think I'm being acute. What if everyone wanted their 
money at once? 

A. It's the theory of banking practice that they never 

Q. So what banks bank on is not having to meet their 

A. I wouldn't say that. 

Q. Naturally. Well, if there's nothing else you think you 
can tell me...? 

A. Quite so. Now you can go off and open a banking account. 

Q. Just one last question. 

A. Of course. 

Q. Wouldn't I do better to go off and open up a bank?
 published in the British humor magazine, Punch, 
 on April 3, 1957
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July 29 2015

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Conversation I heard in the club.
  • Shy Guy: Hey there...
  • Random Guy: Hey, what's up?
  • Shy Guy: Nothing much, just wanted to say you are really cute.
  • Random Guy: Thanks dude!
  • Shy Guy: So, are you here with anyone?
  • Random Guy: Yeah, my girlfriend just went to the washroom.
  • Shy Guy: Oh God, I'm sorry, didn't know you were straight.
  • Random Guy: That's alright, it's cool.
  • Shy Guy: You don't mind me calling you cute?
  • Random Guy: A compliment is a compliment, no matter who it comes from.
Ed' i'ear ar' elenea!
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July 28 2015

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Curse that foul magic. Science, I mean
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Neulich ist mir etwas Ähnliches passiert. Ich habe ein Interview für einen Österreichischen Fernsehsender geben. Es ging um ein Thema, das vielleicht die höchste „Neue Feinde / Minute Redezeit“ Rate aufweist: Gentechnisch modifizierte (GM) Lebensmittel. Ein unerschöpfliches Gebiet, zu dem man stundenlang reden könnte. In dem Interview ging es aber vor allem um einen konkreten Punkt – die gesundheitlichen Auswirkungen. Unabhängig davon was man von Gentechnik allgemein hält, es gibt ein paar Fakten die man festhalten kann und die ich auch beim Interview genannt habe.

- GM-Lebensmittel sind die mit Abstand am besten untersuchten Lebensmittel der Welt.

- Nach 20 Jahren GM-Lebensmittel ist kein einziger Fall bekannt, in dem ein Mensch dadurch gesundheitlichen Schaden erlitten hätte.

- Alleine in Indien gibt es jährlich über eine Million weniger Vergiftungsfälle unter Bauern, seit man schädlingsresistente GM-Baumwolle anbaut, die nicht gespritzt werden muss.

- Der wissenschaftliche Konsensus zugunsten der gesundheitlichen Unbedenklichkeit zugelassener GMOs ist überwältigend. Zu dem Schluss kommen u.a. die World Health Organization, die American Medical Association, die U.S. National Academy of Sciences, die  British Royal Society und jede andere angesehene wissenschaftliche Einrichtung, die sich mit dem Thema beschäftigt.

Aber das darf man nicht sagen. Vor kurzem habe ich eine E-Mail erhalten, in der man sich für die Aufzeichnung bedankt. Leider wird sie nicht ausgestrahlt, mit der Begründung es habe ihnen nicht gepasst, „dass wir auf die gesundheitliche Unbedenklichkeit von GMOs hingewiesen haben“.
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Title: What They Mean When They Say They’re Not a Feminist

via Source and Transcript
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I don't have enough ice for that burn
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